Top Reasons Expedited Freight Shipment is Worth The Extra Cost

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Expedited freight shipment is a special service designed to streamline shipping for companies with time sensitive orders. The ground-based logistics option is meant for rush orders that must be delivered within one or two days. Expedited freight shipment is used across different industries since shipping companies now understand the benefits in utilizing the service.

What is expedited freight shipment?

Expedited trucking is a segment of logistics providers that caters to customers with specific transport needs. The transit process may involve multiple stops, which extends the freight and delivery window. For certain customers, expedited orders are the only way to circumvent the additional amount of time normally required in transporting goods from one location to another.

Top reasons for use

The expedited trucking option for goods that require special handling. When delicate items must be transported from one location to another, a logistics team with expertise in expedited deliveries will minimize risks of damage to the freight. Replacing damaged freight may be much more costly than paying extra for expedited delivery.

Maintaining inventory levels at locations often requires specialized logistics support. For example, if a company sees an unexpected trend that doesn’t match previously forecasted replenishment levels, the company must be prepared to keep those items in stock. Expedited freight solutions ensures that freight arrives in an expedient manner to meet customer demand. Expedited delivery improves customer retention while allowing the company to remain ahead of a particular trend, making it worth the investment.

In a production environment, having sufficient materials on hand can mean the difference between fulfilling production requirements or failure to meet customer expectations. A company may experience a freight emergency with one supplier, which could delay production. Fast-tracking the delivery of additional materials to address this production issue is recommended to meet time-sensitive projects already on a critical path. Acquiring new customers cost more than supporting an existing customer base, so choosing the expedited delivery option may make better sense in the long run.

Some items may have a short shelf life. This is often the case with laboratory specimens, produce, livestock or chemicals. In addition to specialized packaging and refrigerated environments, customers can turn to expedited logistics to meet those emergency transport needs. Fewer deliveries and stops means that the products arrived well-preserved. Protecting the quality of a product or sample speaks to the credibility of the brand, which offsets the initial costs associated with choosing the expedited shipping service.

Brand trust, credibility and reliability are essential to most companies. Meeting customer requirements and exceeding their expectations is also a common goal for carriers. The expedited shipping delivery method accomplishes those goals. Investing slightly more in a service that gives companies a significant competitive advantage just makes sense for companies.

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