Security Fears Over GOP Convention

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With the Republican National Convention set for next week, a distinct issue is emerging with regards to security for the entire weekend the event takes place. There were always concerns about violence, given the number of people who have protested at Donald Trump events across the United States, but the concern has grown with the level of racial animosity in the country over the past few days and weeks.


The concern for security experts is the fact that controlling protesters and event goers is not an easy task, especially if protestors engage with pro-Trump individuals in a large-scale manner. Both sides are happy to blame each other when things go wrong, which means the police and security forces are not sure who they should watch and who they should protect from whom!

As for the convention itself, it is all about Donald Trump getting ready to accept the nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate for President of the United States. Trump’s candidacy has always created a lot of tension, despite his tremendous support among the Republican base and right-leaning independent voters. The Republican establishment has hardly warmed to Trump over the past few months, which has created more tension instead of healing the wounds between supporters of different candidates.

cctvWe have all read the stories over the past few months of Trump events in the main cities being disrupted by protestors. Some of those protests were non-violent, but other cases did result in violence between protestors and Trump supporters. It ‘s hard to see a similar situation being avoided at the convention because more people are expected to converge on Cleveland from both sides of the isle. Trump supporters, delighted at his victory, are projected to visit with the intent of celebrating his win.

Meanwhile, #NeverTrump enthusiasts from around the Cleveland area will also feel a greater sense of purpose when it comes to disrupting the convention and showing their dissatisfaction at who the Republicans picked as their candidate.

The fact that tensions between the police and African-Americans have risen over the past few weeks does not help matters. Trump has always tweeted and talked about his support for America’s police officers, which does not sit well with individuals who are upset over the perceived ill-treatment of African-Americans by policemen and women around the country. While this is not a new issue, it is rearing its head at the wrong time as far as convention security is concerned.