How to Label Like a Pro for Moving

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While packing for a move can be filled with stress, there are ways to alleviate that stress when unpacking at the new destination. One of the best ways is to have a labeling system before you begin the packing process.

Have Labeling Tools Handy

You can use permanent markers in a variety of colors to label your moving boxes. These markers should be a good quality that won’t run out in the middle of the job. They should be permanent and waterproof. Along with markers, have clear or colored tape handy depending on the labeling system you decide to use. You can experiment with the systems to find the one you like, but continue to use one for the entire process.

Color Coding

While you should be labeling everything with the items it contains, you can also be color coding each box for its destination. For example, you can choose to use a red marker for all the kitchen boxes. Your movers will know that all the red marked boxes should be placed in the garage in the new home. Make sure you let them know about the color system, but you can also place a piece of colored paper on the door to each room to help them.

Numbered System

When you’ve packed up all your boxes, it can be tough to know when something has been left behind. If you label each box with a number, at the end, you’ll know exactly how many should be at the new home. If you label thirty boxes, the number of boxes moved should be thirty.

Tape Over Old Wording

If you get your boxes used from the liquor store or supermarket, there will be wording on them currently. That can be slightly confusing for labeling purposes. Cover the current label with colored tape so you can add your own label system to the sides. It’ll be less confusing for the movers.

Timing of the Labeling

As soon as you’ve packed a box, add your labeling system. Never pack a box and wait to label it. You’ll likely forget what’s packed inside it. You’d have to open the box or mislabel it to keep the packing moving forward. It’ll eventually create a chaotic system that doesn’t work.

Having a label system that works for you is what matters. If you favor one system over the other, use the one that will make things easier during the packing and unpacking process.

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