How to care for your Everyday Pottery Pieces

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If you have beautiful pieces of everyday pottery in your home, then it is essential to care for the items correctly to ensure that the items last longer. The pottery that you use on a daily basis is covered with a fired glaze that makes the pieces waterproof. However, pottery is susceptible to damage when it is handled roughly.

Wash Pottery Carefully

In most cases, it is not a good idea to wash pottery inside a dishwasher because if the items are overheated or bumped, then the objects can chip or break. This means that you must wash dirty pottery objects in a sink. To protect your pieces of pottery during the washing process, you should place a soft towel in the bottom of the sink to avoid chipping the glazed surfaces.

Make Sure to Use a Gentle Dish Detergent

When washing your everyday pottery pieces, use a gentle dish detergent that does not have artificial dyes or a strong fragrance. Avoid leaving a piece of pottery in deep water for a long time because moisture can enter the fine cracks in the enamel. Wash away food debris with a soft dishcloth rather than using a scouring pad.

Prevent Breakage

After making sure that the pottery piece is clean, remove it from the water and rinse off the remaining dish detergent. Place the pottery object on an absorbent dish towel on the countertop rather than placing it on a bare surface. By placing the pottery on a soft surface, you can protect the object from damage along with preventing scratches on a kitchen’s countertop. Make sure that the air is circulating to help the pottery dry quickly.

Never Use Pottery Pieces in a Microwave

There are pottery casserole dishes that are designed for use inside a traditional oven, but avoid using a microwave. The glaze on the surface of pottery contains metal, and you cannot use metal in a microwave oven. To protect a casserole dish in an oven, place it inside when the oven is cold before turning on the oven’s heat. To avoid explosions, make sure that a casserole dish doesn’t touch the sides of an oven.

How to Handle a Hot Piece of Pottery

Never place a piece of pottery on a stove’s burner because it will ruin the object, and it might explode into thousand of shards. Have a protective cloth on the top of the stove or on the kitchen’s countertop for the hot dish. In addition, always make sure to use pot holders to protect your hands from burns. Allow the hot casserole dish to cool completely before washing it in a sink.

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