Fresno Police Shows 19-Year-Old Being Shot

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There have been many reports over the past few years of police officers shooting unarmed men and women around the United States. Many of these reports are met with cynicism, especially from those who view themselves as pro-police in this country. But it becomes hard to ignore the issue when we see so many video clips of police officers aiming and firing at people who are not armed or posing a serious threat in any way.crime-scene

The latest story involves Dylan Noble, a white man who was shot four times by police officers in the Fresno area of California. The 19-year-old was called a threat to the police officers who committed the shooting, but the footage shows a slightly different story. One of the great things about modern technology is how we get to see videos of these incidents, instead of relying on the words uttered by either side.

policemanWhile the footage of Noble’s shooting is incredibly disturbing, it is an important watch for anyone who is concerned about the recent trend of police brutality appearing on the news. The video shows Noble’s car being spotted and pursued by officers, while eventually stopping at a gas station. The officers believed Noble to be armed, which is why they were extremely cautious in their approach towards the suspect.

When Noble eventually gets out of the car, the two officers attempted to get him to calm down. He was upset and talking about how he hated his life, while he refused to put his hands in the air or surrender to the officers. Even though Noble never brandished a gun or indicated that he had a dangerous weapon on his hands, the video does show him moving his hands towards his back in an apparent attempt to procure an object.

police-reportThe officers, who were apparently spooked by Noble’s behavior, shot him twice. The two shots resulted in him falling over on the ground, but these events did not stop the officers from shooting him two more times.

While the initial threat posed by Noble is understandable, it is still not clear why the officers felt the need to show a man who had not brandished a gun FOUR times. When they went to inspect his body, it turns out the object behind his back was a plastic container filled with malleable clay. Hardly the knife or gun the officers had assumed he was carrying!