Five Tips for Smoking Cigars in Cold Weather

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If you like to light up your cigars frequently, you most probably know just how difficult it can be to enjoy a smoke in the winter times. Most folks gather with their families during cold winters to enjoy the end of year festivities together. As fun as that can be, it is at that time when smoking indoors meets most resistance. Smoking outside can get you a nasty frostbite as well. Most smokers find themselves quitting the habit during the cold season, but such a decision can be difficult to follow through. Cabin fever is terrible, and it can be worse for a cigar enthusiast who hasn’t enjoyed a blissful head rush in a long while. Here are some five tips for smoking cigars in cold weather.

  1. Go brick and mortar

You may not have the luxury of smoking in indoors on your property. Fortunately for you, your smoking buddies most probably aren’t enjoying the same privilege too. It feels good to know you are not alone, doesn’t it? Well, it gets better because you can frequent local bars and lounges for a smoke. The great thing about such local joints is that they customize and prepare their amenities for social smoking. They must have ample air conditioning and heaters to get cozy you up as you smoke. Furthermore, they should have efficient storage facilities to preserve the rich flavors of the cigars that they sell.

  1. Get yourself finger-less gloves

You shouldn’t smoke cigars out in the freezing cold without protecting your hands. You also can’t hold your cigar comfortably with thick and complete gloves. Therefore, you need to pick up some finger-less gloves that can protect your hands from the cold while allowing you to hold cigars. Whenever you are not smoking, you can keep your hands warmly deep in your pockets to protect the fingers from frostbite.

  1. Use triple-flame lighters

Lighting a cigar with traditional matchbox sticks out in the freezing winter winds is quite impossible. In fact, not even your regular butane lighters can function efficiently against winter winds and snow rains. You need to buy a triple flame lighter so that your flame doesn’t keep blowing out before you can light up your cigar. You also need to take good care of the lighter by keeping it warm inside your deepest pockets where you keep your cigar too.

  1. Create a man cave

If you have a basement or an attic in your house, you do not need to keep going out for a smoke. You just need to make sure that you create a little space where you can sit and smoke. Insulate the ventilation outlets that may leak the cigar smoke into occupied rooms in your house so that you do not affect the non-smokers around. Always be sure to smoke safely indoors– this means make sure the cigar is fully extinguished when done smoking.

  1. Store your cigars in a cool and dry place.

If your cigar is exposed to the chilling weather, it can lose its moisture and even bust open. You need to keep it away from windows and ventilation openings for preservation purposes.


There are many ways through which you can enjoy smoking cigars in the cold season. A good smoke in the cold should warm you up, but you must make extra effort to enjoy that privilege.

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