8 Terrible Wedding Décor Mistakes and How-to Avoid Them

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The average American wedding now costs $33,000, making it more and more of a challenge to pull off the wedding bash of your dreams while staying within a realistic budget. Trying to plan your own wedding is a notoriously stressful time in any person’s life, with so many difficult decisions to make that can both please your guests as well as your bank account.

In order to keep your wedding within your budget, it is crucial that you do plenty of research beforehand. There are many areas in which it is easy to get carried away, and perhaps one of the most areas in which engaged couples are prone to overspending is decor.

The decor of your wedding is incredibly important. In order to decorate your wedding in a way that will stun your guests without forcing you to break the bank, we have compiled a list of the biggest wedding decor mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Deciding On a Color Scheme and Theme Beforehand

It may be tempting to just begin purchasing things that look pretty. However, a wedding decorated with mismatched colors and decor items will throw your guests off and look unpleasant to say the least. The first step to planning your wedding decor is to decide on a color scheme and any visual themes you want to incorporate to tie everything together. It’s best to stick to one general theme and three colors that can be utilized in everything from the floral decorations to the linens.

2. Trying to DIY Everything

The fact is that we can’t all be Martha Stewart. Thanks to websites like Pinterest, it appears to be easy as pie to make even the most complex decorations and floral arrangements. But, if you don’t have years worth of experience making crafts, sometimes it’s worth it to hire someone.

3. Not Knowing Your Venue

If your wedding is taking place in a catering hall decorated with crystal chandeliers and luxurious wallpaper, maybe cutesy vintage bunting and bohemian floral arrangements won’t work. If your wedding is taking place in a woodsy area, guests may be confused when they see Gatsby-inspired decor. The bottom line is that it is smart to hold off on planning your decor until after you settle on the venue.

4. Not Personalizing Your Decor

Sure, you may want to impress your guests with glitzy details, but remember that ultimately this wedding is about who you two are as a couple. Be sure to incorporate certain elements that allow guests to know that it’s your wedding as soon as they step into the venue. Cleverly incorporate an item that pertains to a hobby you two share into the centerpiece or display baby photos of the two of you near the cake table. Your guests will appreciate these personal touches.

5. Forgetting Lighting

Guests at your wedding won’t be able to have much fun if they can’t see anything. If you are having an outdoor tent wedding in the evening, some strands of string lights go a long way. Similarly, if you are having an evening reception in a catering hall, some up-lighting is a nice alternative to unpleasant fluorescent lighting.

6. Neglecting the Little Things

It’s true that most guests won’t notice where you cut corners when it comes to decor, but many will. Pay attention to the details, like selecting chairs that don’t clash with the color scheme and napkins that don’t clash with the tablecloths.

7. Overdoing It

There comes a point where less is more. For many, this is the first time they are throwing an event of this size and it’s easy to get carried away. However, it’s wise to try to stick to a handful of decor elements such as the flowers, linens and table numbers. Trying to pack in too many details will only create a look that is confusing and cluttered.

8. Copying Someone Else’s Wedding

Approximately 70% of brides use Pinterest to find inspiration for their wedding decor. Be careful, however, not to completely copy someone else’s wedding. Keep in mind that a lot of what makes these online images look so beautiful has more to do with the quality of photography instead of the decor itself.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and how you decorate is completely up to you. However, by avoiding these common wedding decor mistakes, you will be able to have a wedding that will not only blow your guests away but save some money as well.

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