6 Gift Ideas for Employee Recognition Awards

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Employee recognition is an integral part of the retention process. If you show your employees that you value them, you will most likely retain a high percentage of them. Employee recognition awards are an excellent tool to do that. You can hold a ceremony at least once a year and then give employees gifts to show them how much you appreciate them. The following are six ideas for some great gifts:

1. Old-Fashioned Certificates

Old-fashioned certificates are still a great idea. People love to laminate their awards and hang them up on the wall as reminders of their achievements. The certificates are products that they can keep for a lifetime and show to their families.

2. Shirt Pins

Shirt pins are smart products because the employees can put them on themselves and display them to the customers. Wearing the pins will boost their morale and create in them the urge to work harder. Pins are an inexpensive investment, as well.

3. Writing Pens

Writing pens are a good idea because everyone needs writing pens from time to time. Thus, they’re a perfect tool for employees who have earned recognition. They’ll remember their successes every time they pull out their pen to jot something down. Other people will notice it too if the pen has an attractive design. You can buy bulk pens for an amazing price and then have names put on them for your star employees.

4. Keychains

Keychains are in the same category as pens in that people use them every day. They’re also on the lower end of the cost spectrum for you as an employer. You may want to think about just investing in them so that more people can receive them.

5. Coffee Mugs

There probably isn’t a worker alive who doesn’t need a coffee mug every now and again. A coffee mug is something that is useful and can also be a source of inspiration for the workers. It can create a sense of healthy competition in them in other words.

6. T-Shirts or Sweaters

Finally, a t-shirt or a sweater may be an amazing morale booster for the award winner. What you can do is give it to the top performers and then set aside a day when they can wear their t-shirts instead of their regular uniforms. They’ll feel a sense of pride that will encourage them to increase their productivity. Their shirts can promote your brand when they’re not at work, as well.

The previously mentioned list will give you a starting point as you’re trying to decide on the best gifts and incentives for your employees. You can try something different each time if you hold quarterly ceremonies. Eventually, you know what works best and what doesn’t. Have fun creating a culture of employee appreciation.

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