4 Reasons Your Business Should be Using Vinyl Signage

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In sign maker circles, vinyl is well known as one of the most flexible and durable materials with which to create signage. What most customers don’t realize is that vinyl is actually a type of plastic. In its most solid state, it becomes PVC pipes. In its softest state, it becomes the flexible tubes that run life-saving IV fluids into your arm.

In this post, learn 4 reasons why your business should be using vinyl signage for advertising and marketing.

Reason 1: Vinyl signage gives you many options to choose from.
Vinyl can take on so many different looks. It can be whatever you need it to be. Choose scrim or mesh vinyl for an outdoor version that will keep its looks through all kinds of weather. Choose gloss or matte vinyl for an indoor version of the same.

Reason 2: Vinyl signage is durable and cost-effective.
For the money, you won’t find any material that will give you a longer useful life. Vinyl doesn’t crease or wrinkle. It won’t fade or tear. It is weather resistant and stain resistant. You will have to work very hard to scratch or mar it in any way.

Reason 3: Vinyl signage works equally well for indoor and outdoor uses.
Vinyl signage can go wherever your business needs to go, regardless of how snowy, rainy, icy, windy or stormy it gets. Once anchored in place, the heaviness of the vinyl itself will keep the signage visible to all who pass. You can also print on both sides without bleed through if you need two-way visibility.

In fact, vinyl as a signage material is so delicate yet durable that you can even use vinyl for custom lettering and graphics to decorate a trade show booth, storefront window, vehicle bumper or any place where a graphic or decal will stick.

Reason 4: Vinyl signage lets you design your own custom signs.
The days when vinyl signage was sold in template form where you had little flexibility in your design or message are long gone.

Today, with the help of signage software, you can get as creative as your business demands with colors, fonts, graphics, images, text and logos. You can also color match and proof your vinyl signage before the final print to be sure everything looks as it should.

These are just four of the many reasons why your business will be well served when you make the decision to order vinyl signage for advertising and marketing. Season after season and year after year, your vinyl signage will maintain its good looks and vibrant colors, enticing customers and spreading your brand message.