4 Important Questions to Ask Your Roofer Before You Sign a Contract

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Choosing the right contractor for roof installation is imperative, considering both the cost and the importance of this item. Many roofing contractors exist, but they’re not all out to provide you the best service. Avoid hiring the wrong contractor by researching before you hire. As a part of the research process, ask your potential contractor these four important questions.


1. Are You Licensed?


Never hire a roofing contractor without a valid state license, if this is a requirement in your state. In many states, a valid state license is required for roofing professionals to legally perform the duties of the job. Hiring an unlicensed company is the start of potential trouble that you can easily avoid by hiring only those who’ve taken the proper steps to prove their qualifications and followed the rules of contracting within the state.


2. Are You Insured?


Worker’s compensation insurance, as well as general liability insurance, are both types of coverage a roofing company should carry. Without this coverage, it is possible to be held liable for injuries that occur on your property, even if they aren’t your fault. Furthermore, you may be required to pay medical bills to workers who are injured while working at your home. Don’t take such a major risk, and hire only companies that are insured.


3. What is the Warranty?


The selected roofing contractor should stand behind his work, i.e. the removal of the old rood and installation of the new roof. If you do the job right, why not stand behind the work? When purchasing a roof, be sure that a warranty is included as well. A typical shingles roof comes with a 25-year warranty, but some roofs may offer longer warranty periods. Ask the potential roofer, and never guess at this answer!


4. Do You use Sub-Contractors?


When spending your money on a job, it’s your right to know who’ll be performing the job. Many roofers use sub-contractors for completion of specific aspects of the job. If it is important to you, this is a question that you should ask before signing on the dotted line of a contract.


Final Thoughts


The total cost of a new roof and installation costs, on average, between $5,535 – $12,685. This is a considerable chunk of change for any homeowner, even those who aren’t so watchful of every dollar they spend. You deserve to hire a roofing contractor who is going to exceed your expectations, and deliver well-beyond the normal call of duty. Ask any potential roofer you’re interested in hiring the above questions, as well as others that come to mind, to ensure that you hire the most qualified company for the job.

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