4 Advantages of Buying E-Bottles at Wholesale Cost

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A recent study by the NY Post shows that well over 10% of New York City residents who smoke have tried vaping. But as e-liquid options pop up like wildfire, where and what to buy is becoming a more difficult decision. Rather than your local vape shop, here are four advantages to buying your e-bottles at wholesale cost.

You’ll Have a Steady Supply
It’s easy to lose track of how much liquid is left in a bottle that you’ve purchased. It’s not uncommon to run out of juice at a rather inconvenient time or place. When you buy e-bottles at wholesale, you can keep a spare bottle with you and be assured that you’ll get through each day without having to make an emergency run to the store.

The Decision is Made
Anyone who has visited a vape shop knows that there are literally dozens of brands and flavors of e-liquid to choose from. But if you know what you like, there’s no reason to deal with the hassle of a pushy salesperson behind the counter. Purchase your e-bottles online and you get what you want without being pushed into something that you’ve never tried before.

Freshness Matters
The average shelf life a bottle of e-liquid is about two years. With so many shops carrying a wide variety of flavors to choose from, you never know when the end of life on a bottle has come until you’ve made your purchase. The ingredients in vape juice are quite sensitive after the expiration, which can wear down on not only the flavor the juice, but the quality of each puff. When you buy at wholesale cost, you’re avoiding the third party and buying direct from the supplier, meaning that your bottles will stay fresher, longer.

You Put the Savings Back in Your Wallet
With new vape laws coming into effect around the country, Journal and Courier reports that the average price of 30 mL e-bottle is about $19. As the FDA steps into the regulation of e-liquid even more those prices will continue to skyrocket. When you buy your e-bottles at wholesale cost, not only are you saving money when compared to buying in store, but your locking in the market price for the number of bottles you buy on the day of your purchase. This prevents you from being pulled into what could otherwise be expensive habit before it’s too late.


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