3 Ways to Use Custom Decorative Window Film in Your Business

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With a custom window covering, you can make your business stand out with a look that resembles etched glass. It’s a simple design that will change the entire look and feel of the space both inside and outside the building.

Window Covering

As a window covering, you can add your business logo or brand to the interior windows. Instead of having bright, chaotic stickers or signs, an etched window covering will allow light into the space while remaining stunning and attractive to visitors.

Instead of having curtains or boring blinds on the window, an etched window film will allow light into the office too. You could add the city’s skyline or a decorate piece of art to cover the window. It’ll reduce cooling costs since they can deflect heat too.

With a window covering that is visible to the outside world, you can create a buzz for the launch of a new product or service. Graphic window coverings can be a great way to do that. You’ll have to really get creative since it’s such a small space for revealing that product or service.

Glass Dividers

There’s a trend in offices to have wide, open spaces with glass dividers and open floor plans. To make the space visually interesting, a 3-D film can be added to the dividers between the conference rooms and the rest of the building. It adds style while being slightly transparent.

After the designer has already built the office, the occupants might find that the open floor plan doesn’t work for them. Adding a frosted film over the glass dividers might be the answer to privacy concerns. Instead of a complete covering, though, it might look better with a half wall of frost with a stunning logo design.

The glass divider window tinting can be anything you want for your business. They don’t have to be logos or brand messages at all. Artistic renderings of boats or animals are great for dividers too.

Door Covering

When clients and customers walk into your office, you’ll want them to immediately see your creative style. A frosted, etched design on the doors can be a subtle yet stunning way to show your business’ personality.

Adding branded coverings to your business’ windows, doors and glass partitions is a great way to set a professional tone as the clients walk into the building. If you don’t want to add a logo to the door, you can use your branding message in a creative way on the door.

Businesses can use glass tinting or etched films to create a unique statement for their business with their logo or brand message on it.

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