3 Ways to Secure Your Cargo During a Long Distance Move

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Are you moving across the state or country? A big move necessitates strong protection of your precious cargo while in transit. In other words, you’ll need to pack carefully and install your things inside your truck carefully. Moving trucks typically have tools and accessories that you can use for this, but you’ll want the best. You’ll also need to know about the best techniques for using these securing devices. The following is a list of three ways that you should secure your cargo during transit in order to make your long distance move a safe one for your things.

1. Get lots of boxes and fill them first with heavy items and second with light items. Gaps should be filled in.

Half of all your boxes should be filled with heavy items, and half of your boxes should be filled with light things. But you should never put heavy things on top of light things because this could cause the breakage of your lighter things.

Naturally, you should keep your boxes uniform based on where they go in your house. For example, don’t put some of your clothing items on top of a box of dishes. When you have a box filled with items from one room or area in your home, fill in gaps with newspaper or transport air bubbles.

2. Transport wall hangings, mirrors and large pictures upright between moving blankets. 

Some of the hardest things to move are mirrors, wall hangings and framed pictures or paintings. You can make sure that these are transported easily by always stacking them upright in a line on the side of your truck.

Each piece should have foam around the corners to protect them from scratches and dings. You should also put moving blankets around them and between them so that they cannot scratch each other.

3. The corners of furniture should also be wrapped so that they don’t get dinged or chipped, and furniture items should be covered independently of each other.

Normally, you’ll want to put your large furniture items in the truck first. These can be held in place with belts that should be inside the truck. The belts can be placed across and around your furniture items so that they don’t move and shift during transport.

You’ll also want to cover each corner of each piece of furniture with foam and tape to keep your things from getting chipped or dinged on these fragile edges. Put moving blankets over everything, and do this especially if you plan to stack boxes and other things from your home on top of your tables, desks and chairs.

Making sure that you carefully pack and secure your belongings during a long distance move will ensure that they arrive safely intact.

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